We are a Florida-based, minority-owned small team but we have a quite story to tell and where the Wearable Artifacts line of Art-to-Wear products are coming from:

Most of the art images used in our products are the result of a series  of fine art  visual mutations worked digitally on images of flowers and more specifically, petals from many and varied flowers, captured in the remote areas of Thailand's Himmawan unique forestal reserves , which have been granted to Buddhist monks to  take care of them since forever.

The actual Fine Art Work was produced during an Art and Meditation Retreat at a Buddhist Monastery inside the forestal reserve, which visual artist Jorge Parra attended some years ago, and most of the final pieces were produced after weeks in deep meditation.

Upon the return to Miami, FL, artist Jorge  Parra has continued with his research in Meditation and Creative Development,  and has committed to  explore and produce new artwork, and now the exploration goes also towards visual  mutations on insects, oceanic species and other creatures of this amazing planet, so we will eventually have lines of products for those new images too!.

Jorge spent several years finding ways to showcase these images beyond the gallery show standard set up. Many different opinions and suggestions came from Interior Designers, Printers, Graphic Designers, Industrial Designers, Fashion Brands, etc, until he finally made up his mind and The Wearable Projects and Wearable Artifacts were created. 

To this moment, the Petallika Series Fine Art Prints have already been in exhibitions in important Art Fairs like the West Palm Beach Art Fair,  along with highly recognized contemporary artists, plus some Miami Galleries.

Some of these fine images, in the form of Certified Limited Edition Prints are being acquired by art collectors.

Soon, a special edition series of NFT's (Non Fungible Tokens) will be issued by the artist in the Metaverse. This is an ongoing process and we are proud of having Jorge's vision of Nature and Beauty as the visual theme for our garments.

Stay tuned for more info, register for our newsletter, as we will be reporting on our Blog about the upcoming series.!