FAQs about Wearable Artifacts

1- Regarding Navigation of the Online Store: How can I easily find the different products you offer in the same window?

Ok thx for asking! What we did originally was to build the Collections based on the products with the same Petallika Print.

This means, that you can find the Collections the different types of products that have the same look, just in case you would consider purchasing several of those.  For example, you may want to get a Yoga Leggings and a Sports Top or Wetsuit with the same look, or even get a Bikini and then use the bra as the sports top for your training practice or cocktail evening.The combinations just look fantastic!

The printing method used differs from standard processes and the same print will look different in each product. Some times you will have a part of the original artwork full of details, in some other products you will have a smooth overall view of the artwork in display. This is why the Collections are displayed by print.

That said, if you are interested in only one type of product, and want to compare the different prints in the same product, we strongly request that you just Run a Search by adding the name/type of the product you are looking for in the Search Box.

-One Piece Swimsuit 
- Shorts
-Bandana, Headband, Gaiter

As the list of new approved products will keep growing, we wil notify our customers of these additions, but we remind you that simple words in the Search Box will be useful for you at all times!

2- What about your swimwear designs? I kind of notice limited options design-wise!

You are correct in this and there is AT LEAST, a three-fold answer!

First off, We have realized in the latest Swim Weeks and other relevant industry events in the US we atended, that well over 95% of the current swimwear designs are basically G-String oriented and that may be a good trend, but as any other trend, it is meant to change for who knows what new trend in the near season, or the next. 

Second, We at Wearable Artifacts strongly believe in classic designs, and we make both the Swimwear, Leggings, dresses, and all other garments  with the concept in mind that you are wearing a piece of art in a classic design that will stay in fashion forever!  Which is why you can find the words "Timeless" and "Classics" all over the website and here in the FAQ's and in the Blog.

Third, As an added value, the longevity of our garments contribute, in an indirect way in our efforts towards sustainability. Just keep reading!.

In brief: The amazing quality of our products will retain the intensity of the original colors, if properly cared, the fabrics will not deteriorate any time soon, and the classic designs will make you love, keep and use your garments season after season. so your luxurious Art-to-Wear swimsuit will be with you for seasons to come. 

3- Do you offer 1 or 2-Day fast Shipping?

We take very good care of our products and, as we supervise our print-on-demand process to guarantee the printed  top quality of our original and exclusive Artwork. For this reason, the making  of our Art-to-Wear  garments takes longer than typical products readily available on stock.

Once the garments are ready, shipping occurs as per standard UPS schedules, and remember, the shipping is always free!

This is why 1 or 2-Day shipping is not yet available, but we will do our best to have it implemented as soon as our growth and printing process allows it. Thanks for your patience and stay tuned!

4- Do you provide delivery of your products outside the US?

Unfortunately, we do not provide overseas delivery at this moment, but as we keep growing, we will implement the best way to ship outside the US and bring a luxurious touch of Art-to-Wear to your lifestyle. Stay tuned!

5-Why the packaging is so basic and not so as "fancy" or "refined" as your products?

We gave some thought to the idea of fancy, stylized boxes and bags, but decided to put our 2 cents on behalf of the sustainability of our environment by deciding to go with basic boxes and bags. At the end of the story, the quality  you are paying for is still inside those simple packages, and not outside!!

As the shipping technology evolves, we will be considering more nice-looking boxes and bags that meet some minimum criteria in terms of their environmental friendly-ness than even the current bags and boxes.

We are still a very long way to bring back balance to our planet, but every single contribution helps.

Thanks for your understanding!

6- How do you approach sustainability in your brand?

We are a startup with the drive, energy and quality products which makes us confident in our sucess. As we keep growing, we will keep demanding from our providers more environmentally friendly quality products and we will make sure that is what are are getting from them, and we are delivering to you.

One of the more indirect ways we are putting our grains of sand to the mix is by reviewing the quality of the products you will receive: As long as we maintain a limited amount of timeless, classic designs, with long lasting materials and inks, you can be sure you are purchasing a product that you will be able to fully enjoy through the seasons, since classic designs don't go out of fashion!

So yes, you can go everywhere and buy inexpensive and trendy garments that follow the fashion trends for whatever specific season, but you will still have with you the timeless, the classics that don't expire, neither in terms of design nor quality from Wearable Artifacts.

It is almost ironic (and even poetic!) that in these days and age, longevity in a product is a subtle way to protect the planet. That is why we strive to make sure you will get products that outlive products from other brands. A classic, timeless design, combined with quality materials and great manufacturing, will simply provide more usable time to our garments and products than many in the competition.

Finally, Some of our products are reversible (Bikinis), at least one is currently being partially made with recycled materials and we will keep looking for providers who have sustainability in their core DNA, to add their materials and products to our selected shopping list. 

7- What about Social and Community engagement from Wearable Artifacts?

Thanks for asking!  We are all for Positive Social Change!!

Well before our first sale, we have already committed our brand to help our local community, and provide donations in the order of 5% of each sale we make to local non-profit organizations.

After checking several institutions and groups, we chose an emerging Florida-based group, called Volunteer Channel (http://VounteerChannel.org, website still under construction), as our organization of choice. Their approach  towards helping teenagers and their families getting involved with their community just grabbed our hearts and we want to be part of change they are promoting in our society!

As we keep growing, we will review other groups and non-profits to make our best to keep spreading the help.

This is a simple yet effective way your purchases and continuous support for our brand and products will bring hope, growth and opportunity to our community, so THANK YOU for being both our Valued Customer and our Social Change Partner!

As we move on and you send us your feedback and questions, we will add more details to our FAQ's to help you better enjoy the Wearable Artifacts Experience!